What is Document Management

In basic terms Document Management (also known as a Document Management System or DMS), is the combination of a computer system and a software application. The main function of a Document Management System is to manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner. Document … Continue reading What is Document Management

A bit about compliance.

Regulatory compliance is not optional for your business but it might not be the burden that you think it is. Managing your business documents digitally will not automatically make you compliant with the increasing burden of regulatory rules and document retention requirements but it will make it easier. "Take advice, know your obligations and make … Continue reading A bit about compliance.

Can my mobile phone help me better manage my paper?

Your mobile phone can do a bit of everything now. I would suggest that a mobile scanning app is a great back up for your real scanning solution just in the same way as you wouldn’t rely on your mobile phone camera as the only way to take your vacation photo’s or instead of using the sat nav in your car.