A bit about compliance.

Regulatory compliance is not optional for your business but it might not be the burden that you think it is.

Managing your business documents digitally will not automatically make you compliant with the increasing burden of regulatory rules and document retention requirements but it will make it easier.

“Take advice, know your obligations and make provision. Why take a risk.”


The cost of compliance both in terms of effort and the risk of failure should you be fined can be greatly reduced by the better management of your documents and making them digital is without doubt the best way forward.

Whatever your business obligations are digitising your important business documents will allow you to:

  1. –          Increase your information security
  2. –          Reduce costs associated with document storage and document retrieval.
  3. –          Enable you to quickly and easily present documents on demand.
  4. –          Develop and execute document retention policies.
  5. –          Easily audit your records.

regulation“Technology cannot make you compliant but the right technology will help you”

Make sure you have the right scanning and document management technology to take care of your business documents but the lesson here is that no amount of technology will make you compliant – the only way you can be compliant is to have the correct policies, procedures and most importantly the people who understand them.

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